Our Wedding Party

Drum Roll Please...

Katrina's attendants
  • Krystal Truax, Matron Of Honor
    Krystal is the Bride's best friend, partner in crime, knitting compadre, and fellow old soul. The two were practically separated at birth but serendipity brought them together. The Bride has never had a friend like Krystal and couldn't imagine walking down the aisle without her support, laughter, and love.
  • Amanda Dekan, Bridesmaid
    Long time friend of Bride and Groom, attended the University of Minnesota with Groom, and maintains a strong friendship even being states away.
  • Anna Wheat, Bridesmaid
    Anna walked right into the Bride's heart within a week of knowing each other as colleagues. Since then, Anna has become a mutual friend of the Bride and Groom hiking mountains together, buying a house together, and spent endless hours laughing.
  • Molly Tharalson, Bridesmaid
    Molly is the sister of the Groom and the sister the Bride always wanted. Molly's caddying skills were instrumental in the development of the Groom's golfing ability.
  • Reese, Blake, & Kiley Nielsen ~ Flower Girls and Ring Bearer, Other
    The Nielsen Triplets, relatives of the Groom: energetic, joyful, and blissfully entertaining.
Erik's attendants
  • Brandon Brayfield, Best Man
    When Brandon and the Groom get together, they resemble mischievous boys with tricks up their sleeves. Brandon is a long time friend and fellow Brewhouse patron. Together, they have had geological escapades, beer brewing adventures, and many a shenanigans.
  • Corey Meighan, Groomsman
    Meighan... What a guy... Simply stated, the Bride and Groom couldn't imagine this day without Corey joining in on the festivities...
  • Andrew Truax, Groomsman
    Andrew is a great friend of the Bride and Groom, brought together through fate... and houlas. Andrew has reinvigorated the Groom's golf game, been the faithful euchre partner of the Bride, and a true friend since day one.
  • Travis Norris, Groomsman
    Brother of Bride, protector of the sister, and the builder of some shady forts.
  • Tucker Norris, Groomsman
    Nephew and God Child of the Bride and Groom. Also, the youngster that stole our hearts!
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